Papercade: Say hello to scrapgaming!

Papercade is a gorgeous, joyful CMF-funded social game-creation app for making and sharing diorama-inspired pop-up games with your friends.

The Secret World: modern setting, myths and legends

I was responsible for the level designs, encounter designs, AI scripting and narrative designs of 3 major game areas, including the game’s only raid, and was involved in reviewing and iterating on every dungeon in the game.

Felix & Rover: Oculus Rift at TOJam14

Felix & Rover is a game for the Oculus Rift I made with Nick Rudzicz at TOJam14. Your ship is about to explode! Navigate a robot to your position. You can only see it on the security monitors, but all controls are relative to the robot.

Minotaur: Global Game Jam 2013

Four heroes enter, only one can escape with the most loot! But beware, the Minotaur doesn’t like it when people steal his gold… Grab gold! Don’t die! Escape before dawn!

The Secret World: Manhattan Raid

Manhattan has come under direct attack by nightmarish creatures of madness and myth. A 10-player raid that tries to balance narrative and accessibility with the requirements of endgame content.

The Secret World: The Facility

The Facility is an abandoned, sealed, and forgotten Soviet science facility in Wallachia. Vertical level design and new, positional combat mechanics are used to reinforce the narrative theme.

The Secret World: Hell Fallen

Hell Fallen is the fifth dungeon in the game, and the second in a trilogy set in Hell. I did all the encounter design, AI scripting and greybox level design for the dungeon,

Mini Makers Faire demo table, with instruction manual visible.

In October 2011 I participated in the Bizarro Game Controllers workshop, hosted by Concordia University, because I was interested in learning more about alternative input schemes, electronics, and ARG-style gaming possibilities.