Felix & Rover: Oculus Rift at TOJam14

Felix & Rover: Oculus Rift at TOJam14

Felix & Rover (or, more properly, Felix & Rover in Argh our spaceship is on fire) is a game for the Oculus Rift I made with Nick Rudzicz of KO-OP Mode at TOJam14 in Toronto.

Felix & Rover

Argh your spaceship is on fire — again — and you have no arms. That big red button RIGHT THERE will fix it but — again! — you HAVE. NO. ARMS.

You play a robot operator (are you Felix? or Rover?) on a crippled spaceship that’s about to explode. You can save everyone if you can only push that button right in front of you, but you can only control a robot elsewhere on the ship. You need to navigate it around obstacle to your position, using only the information from the 12 display screens in front of you, and movement controls are relative to the robot’s orientation.

The design goal was to explore the effect of adding additional layers of interface abstraction inside a VR simulation. Complication and challenge was added by orientating the screens along different axes, so that the player has to constantly reevaluate their spatial directions as they navigate the spaceship.Made in Unity3D, with models made in SketchUp (I am definitely not an artist) over 2 days.

It’s fun and surprisingly intense! You can download it for free from itch.io, though it does required an Oculus Rift to play (only tested with DK1). The final build has slightly too much screenshake — sorry about that!