The Secret World: modern setting, myths and legends

The Secret World: modern setting, myths and legends

I joined The Secret World at the end of pre-production in 2008, in the role of Gameplay Designer. I worked on mission and encounter content for many areas of the game, eventually being promoted to the Dungeons team, creating high-end group content for many areas of the game.

I was responsible for the level designs, encounter designs, AI scripting and narrative designs of 3 major game areas, including the game’s only raid, and was involved in reviewing and iterating on every dungeon in the game.

I wrote and maintained extensive documentation for the Content, Dungeon and AI teams, and reviewed and contributed to dozens of missions across the game.

I also contributed features and fixes the game’s core combat system, which was used for 90% of all NPC encounters in the game.

On an MMO project, expected to remain supported for years, accurate documentation is extremely important. I maintained an extensive Wiki portal for all dungeon content, covering processes and techniques, and including code snippets, best practices and review policies.

The largest part of my work was in encounter design. This involved designing the encounter mechanics, which had to challenge players within with TSW’s extremely open skill system, designing the level flow between encounters to ensure that players were being trained in those mechanics, and scripting the AI and combat abilities for each encounter.

I’ve also made individual posts on each major piece of content I developed: